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While the artifacts have been included under their respective standard, below is a listing of all artifacts available.

 1 Essay - Template.doc

 2 Detention GENERAL Template.doc

 2007 Handbook.doc

 2007-08 Student Handbook.doc

 3 ALC GENERAL Template.doc

 4 Suspension GENERAL Template.doc


 Administration Meeting 11-27-07.pdf

 Application For Student Council Class Representative.doc

 Athletic Handbook Final Draft.doc


 Cell Phone - ALC Template.doc

 Cell Phone Policy.pdf

 Character Development Plan.doc

 Community Event Proposal.pdf

 Community event.pdf

 Concordia Partnership E-mail.pdf

 Concordia Proposal Results - E-mail.pdf

 Concordia University Proposal.doc

 Conflict Management Part1.pdf

 Conflict Management Part2.pdf

 CST 09-20-07.pdf

 CST 11-29-07.pdf

 CST 12-06-07.pdf

 DCS Conference.pdf

 Dean of Students Report 10-16.doc

 December newsletter page 6-7.pdf

 District Principals Meeting.pdf

 Diversity Presentation.pdf

 Dress Code ALC Template.doc




 Essay: Who Am I?.doc

 Fall Evaluation Dawursk.doc

 February newsletter page 9-10.pdf

 Glen Dawursk - Resume 2008.doc

 Hallway Supervision.doc

 Homecoming ARTICLE 2008.doc


 January newsletter page 17.pdf

 Job Shadow E-mails.doc

 Job Shadowing Dawursk.doc


 Locker MASTER LIST.xls

 M3andMe Presentation.pdf

 Morning Duties Schedule Sem-2.doc

 Morning Duty Schedule.pdf

 Movie and Homecoming Article.doc

 Opicka Response E-mail.doc

 Opicka Staff E-mail and Schedule.doc

 Practicum Plan - Dawursk.doc

 Practicum Supervision Evaluation.pdf

 Pre-Fall Assignment Dawursk.doc

 PS Teacher Workshop.pps

 Real Men Presentation.pdf

 Student Council Article.doc

 Student Council Report 10-16.doc


 Tardy - ALC Template.doc

 The Brains of the Bunch Handout.doc

 Truancy - Suspension Template.doc

 True Color Testing - Narrative.doc

 True Colors - Worksheet.doc

 True Colors Teachers 2007.doc

 WCA Crisis Plan.doc

 WCA Ed Plan 07-08Finalcopy.doc

 WCA Rules Presentation.pdf

 WEASSP 2007 At a Glance.pdf

 Weekly Referral Report 11-15 to 11-30.xls

 Weekly Referral Report 12-1 to 12-15.xls

 Who am I - with pics.doc





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