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Evaluation of Staff / Observations


Effective selection, placement/ assignment, supervision and evaluation of staff.

  • I collaborated with the other assistant principal in the evaluation of existing staff.  I also developed a model and rubric for instruction observation, evaluation and mentoring for new and old staff.  I have the observation plans I developed below.  I also developed an observation website which incorporated all of these plans and an update of the personnel handbook.   I also developed, instructed, participated and evaluated various aspects of new/current staff orientation.

The observation website is:


  1. Philosophy of Supervision My philosophy of instructional supervision

  2. Supervision Beliefs My beliefs about instructional supervision

  3. Teacher Supervision Process The process I created for teacher supervision

  4. Categories for Observation & Evaluation The “categories” for 1st year teachers through experienced teachers

  5. Individual Supervision Plan The ISP is a written growth and supervision plan created by the administrator and teacher.



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