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Strategies and activities to lead and operate the school district to ensure that effective communication occur with the school community.
  • In my area of expertise, I maintained a regular communication with the district discipline personnel about incidents, submit required paperwork and forms, and consult with the district about unsure situations.  I attended two expulsion hearings and four level three disciplinary hearings conducted by Romone Cruz of the Milwaukee Public Schools.

  • I communicated with other MPS schools about activities on our campus, shared resources, or issues involving mutual students predominately done through standard e-mail, our website and our extensive school newsletter of which I regularly contributed articles.  Example: I wrote the articles on student council, character development and homecoming in the following newsletters.  I also proffe read the newsletters for errors.

     December newsletter page 6-7 

     January newsletter page 17  

     February newsletter page 9-10  

  • I observed the process of multi-school involvement in our regional science fair and art fair sponsored and run by our school.  I was a judge and sound engineer at the fairs and particpated with multiple schools in the projects. I also observed community involvement with our Christmas Dinner which was advertised free to our community and the "school start" bash (which I planned) where we invited our students and their families to enjoy inflatable carnival rides and music -- all for free.

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