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Positive relationships with the diverse education community.
  • In an effort to deal with our communities issues: highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation, increased gang and teen violence, and Newsweek Magazine's ranking of Milwaukee as the second most segregated city in America I sought to meet our communities diversity by being involved with these three programs: 

    • Because of concerns in the community about inapprpriate  role models and a lack of positive male role models in the inner city, I presented an original workshop for the boys only called "Real Men" which talked about character and integrity and how to act around a woman. A female staff member spoke to the girls.

       Real Men Presentation

    • Because of a racism issue which occured specifically in two classrooms during third quarter, I conducted a two period workhop on racism and respecting each other reguardless of gender, color or creed.  I called the workshop "Running with the Races." The workshop eneded with a dialogue between the students.  The results were very positive.

       Diversity Presentation   

    • Our school is owned by the Turkish community and I attended several events sponsored by the Turkish communities’ unity group “Harmony Foundation” which encourages tolerance of race and religion through dialogue and understanding.



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