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Safe / Secure Learning Environment

Essential elements of a safe and secure learning environment
  • I researched and developed a crisis emergency plan for the school consistent with other MPS schools our size. 
  • I updated fire and tornado drill procedures and trained staff on new procedures.
  • I supervised all fire, tornado and crisis code drills.
  • I authored and edited a crisis plan handbook (125 pages) and a school handbook (36 pages) which outlined the rules and procedures for our school.
  • I was responsible for the security of the building and scheduled staff to have "hall and door duty" before school.  This included checking stduents as they entered the building and on occasion, checking coats and bags using our metal detector.
  • After a rash of violent disturbances last year at several local public schools, our district required each school to develop a cell phone policy.  I created the following policy and have been enforcing througout the school year.

    Cell Phone Policy  



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